Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It has been awhile.  A long while.  I was feeling in a music mood today, so I threw together a playlist of my most recent favorite jams.  Enjoy.

1.) 10 Mile Stereo - Beach House 
2.) White Nights - Oh Land   
3.) Looking Glass - Little Dragon  
4.) The High Road - Broken Bells  
5.) Anatomy (Houses Haunted Tape Remix) - Vanity Theft   
6.) Machu Picchu - The Strokes   
7.) Sweetest Kill - Broken Social Scene   
8.) Love You Better - The Maccabees   
9.) Slippery Slope - The Dø  
10.) Just Wanna Dance Yrself Clean (Jay-Z vs LCD Soundsystem) - The Hood Internet 
11.) Modern Man - Arcade Fire  
12.) I Would Do Anything For You - Foster The People   
13.) Gone Away - Bag Raiders    
14.) The Wilhelm Scream - James Blake 
15.) Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes   
16.) Warrant - Foster The People   
17.) Run Of The Mill - George Harrison   
18.) Lucky Now - Ryan Adams   
19.) Don't Let It Go To Your Head - Brand Nubian   
20.) Nuclear Seasons - Charli XCX    

Friday, May 6, 2011

Remember when I blogged?

yeah, about that...

So, I know it's been a long time, and the three of you that actually used to read my blog have long since moved on to read something far more interesting than this crap (can't say I blame you), BUT, for those of you that may stumble upon this by accident (I have no idea how or why that would happen), let me indulge you for a moment by posting something new...

There. I have done it.

end of post.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Here's to you, 2010

We are nearly three months into the new year and I am feeling quite besotted with 2010 thus far.  Call it a bit high-flown, but I think 2010 could be my best year yet... or at least a close second to 2007 (my blue-ribbon year) and maybe 2003... no no, not 2003.  '03 was good, but it ain't got nothin' on '07 (paging Mr. Curtis!).

The reasons behind the cheerfulness are mine to keep for now, but today it could definitely have something to do with the sunshine, the extended light, and the 60 degree weather.  I ditched the coat and my socks this morning for a light-weight sweater and a pair of sparkly flats... sorry Winter, our relationship has been strained for years now, and while I have grown to appreciate you, I never miss you when once you're gone.  You can go now.  Seriously,  you've worn out your welcome.

To celebrate what could be my most delightful year to date (I am being wildly optimistic here, people) and the beginnings of the season before my favorite season,  I give you my monthly playlist:

2010: A Dedication

  1. "November was White, December was Grey" by Say Hi - nothing like kicking off spring with the lyrics: "I feel better when the winter's gone."  yeah, me too.  
  2. "Cecilia" by Simon and Garfunkel - you gotta love Simon and the Funkel.  I recently watched the rock and roll hall of fame concert on HBO and was blown away by how amazing S & G still sounded after all these years.  This song is a mood changer.  
  3. "Noticed" by MuteMath - listen to this on a sunny day with sunglasses on.  If you have a sunroof, open it.
  4. "Gravity Rides Everything" by Modest Mouse - a little Modest Mouse throw back to when I liked them much more than I do now.  
  5. "Electric Feel" (Justice Remix) by MGMT - quickly becoming a favorite amongst the teeny boppers (I know this because my 15 yr. old brother asked me if I had heard of them the other day),  MGMT has some really good songs that are even better when Justice takes a stab at them.  
  6. "Out of The Blue" by Julian Casablancas - I am still patiently waiting for The Strokes to band together again and make another album, but until that time, I will settle for Julian's solo work.  His album,  Phrazes for The Young, is quickly moving it's way up my most frequently played, this song sitting casually at the number one repeat.
  7. "If I Ever Feel Better" by Phoenix - also becoming wildly popular, I am surprisingly happy to see they have found such success.  I love Phoenix and have since I found "Long
    Distance Call" several years ago.  If you only have their latest album, take a look at some of their older stuff, cause it's all good.
  8. "Castaways" by Shearwater - a recent find thanks to Pitchfork, this dramatic, melancholy tune has won my heart  and I think it should win yours too.
  9. "Julia (b-complex)" by The Very Best - I love their style, and while I don't know who Julia is, I am wishing that was name so I could dedicate this song to myself.
  10. "I am a Rock" by Simon and Garfunkel - yes, S & G made my list twice this month. What can I say? I'm a huge fan.
  11. "Help I'm Alive" by Metric - this song made it's debut on my running list and I am digging the rhythm and lyrics while my feet pound the pavement.
  12. "Any Fun"  by Coconut Records - being the huge Jason Schwartzman fan that I am (Please see Rushmore, I heart Huckabees and The Darjeeling Limited for more details), when I discovered his one man band awhile back I jumped on it and bought up what I could. I'm not normally too fond of actors trying to make it in the music biz, but the Schwartz can do no wrong. He is quite the talented musician (and writer).
  13. "Dawn of the Dead" by Does it Offend You, Yeah - stupid band name, good song.
  14. "Diplomat's Sun" by Vampire Weekend - this song is catchy and I could listen to it many times over.
  15.  "Human Wings" by Fictionist - I attended high school with one of these guys and I am happy to see him still pursuing music and making it good.  Kudos. 
  16. "Islands On The Coast" by Band of Horses - in honor of their upcoming album Infinite Arms. Haven't seen them live since they were here in '06 ('07, maybe, since that was my stellar year) but am hoping to get to a show of theirs soon.
  17. "Stone Cold Sober" by Paloma Faith - my lifelong friend, Leah, said this song reminded her of me and so introduced me to Paloma (Spanish for dove) and her wildly entertaining music.  Loving her right now.
  18. "Wide Eyes" by Local Natives - I like these guys.  
  19. "The Weary Kind"  by Ryan Bingham - by far the most depresso song on my list, but it had to be on it.   The theme from Crazy Heart,  this track emits gritty beauty.  I will be listening to this song for years to come.
And there you have it, folks.  Like my choices?  Don't like my choices?  I don't really care either way, but if you have any suggestions for me or perhaps some new music I should know about, please send it my way.

Here's to a promising year. Cheers.

Friday, March 12, 2010

And you all thought Lady Gaga was sooooo orginal...

...little did you know she was stealing her looks from the people of walmart:

Someone please explain her fame to me... I don't get it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Salt Lake Scavenger

Being that I spend the bulk of my day sitting in front of a computer screen writing, researching, editing etc.  I take lots of precious breaks to check out my favorite sites and blogs.  One of those precious sites is Apartment Therapy.  If you have never seen it, go there now and check it out.  It rocks.
Almost daily on AT, they have a scavenger section where they have someone scour craigslist and local paper furniture ads, finding the best stuff and reposting it on the site.  I love the stuff they find, but there is one problem:  they scavenge in NYC, LA, DC, Chicago, San Fran etc.  Big cities.  Poor SLC is left out of the scavenge section and despite my best efforts to get the peeps in other cities to ship to me (see my "so blue" post from a few weeks ago) it has proven ineffective.
SO, to remedy that, Kim and I have decided to create our own scavenger section to find the best "junk" SLC has to offer and bring it to all of you.

I present to you Salt Lake Scavenger.

Check us out.  Send us your thoughts, ideas, criticism.  It is still in its baby stages, so be patient with us while we bring it up to speed.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Handsome Men's Club

My dear friend and coworker sent me this video this morning and it more than made my day.  It is 9 minutes long, and totally worth it.  trust me, you want to watch this:

Friday, February 12, 2010

This Modern Love, Vol II

I'm just going to be really honest for a moment and let everyone know that I have a strong aversion to Valentine's Day.  I always have (yes, even now that I am married and don't have to wallow in my sorrows anymore because I am probably the only single person without a date on Valentine's Day!!!).  I think it is a lame invented holiday that allows men to buy the obligatory flowers and cheesefest card to tell your spouse, lady, significant other, etc. etc. that you really do love and care about them and so that anytime your wife complains that you haven't bought her flowers lately you can say: "But honey, I bought you flowers on Valentine's Day!"  Now,  menfolk, this isn't great for you either.  Why, you ask?  Because women feel the need to express their love as well, so we frame stupid pictures of us kissing, or modge podge a stool or a box that holds the memories of our first date, ticket stubs from that first romantic comedy we saw together, a pillow we made that has our initials embroidered on it.  It is all enough to make anyone gag.  Then you have to pretend you like it, because we spent so much time on it, so you place it in your room somewhere, hoping no one ever sees it but you, just so we know that you really really loved it... seriously? Is this what it has come to?  If I really wanted to show Ben I loved him I would pay his registration fee and enroll him in a poker tournament in Vegas... he would think I was the coolest wife on the earth!  But that is SO not romantic... and I am NOT paying for him to enter a poker tournament, so there goes my great gift idea.

So yeah,  Valentine's Day blows, people, and I feel fine saying that.

What doesn't blow?  Music.  Good love songs. Love songs that don't make you think of your highschool junior prom ("Lady in Red" anyone?). 

So, without further ado, I bring you my latest playlist for all you lovers out there:

This Modern Love, Vol. II

  • "Think I'm in Love" by Beck
  •  "This Modern Love"  by Bloc Party
  • "Lover"  by Devendra Banhart
  • "Toothpaste Kisses"  by The Maccabees
  • "Destiny" by Zero 7
  • "Part One"  by Band of Horses
  • "Publish My Love"  by Rogue Wave
  • "Consequence" by the Notwist
  • "Sweet Diposition"  by Temper Trap
  • "Gigantic"  by  The Pixies
  • "HeartBeats"  by Jose Gonzalez
  • "Somebody Loved"  by The Weepies
  •  "Wonderwall" by Ryan Adams
  • "No One's Gonna Love You"  by Band of Horses
  • "Shelter"  by Ray LaMontagne
  • "Love You More"  by Alexi Murdoch
  • "Find Love"  by Clem Snide
  • "Brand New Colony"  by The Postal Service

Enjoy. Like it or don't like it.  Burn a CD for your lover if you so choose.  Just don't label it "V-Day love Mix"  and cover it in heart stickers, please.